Tammy Cyra, Ph.D., M.Ed., LCDC

Special Education Advocacy and Consultation

Available for elementary aged children through high school, until the age of 22.

Tammy Cyra, Ph.D., M.Ed., LCDC knows how confusing it can be for parents to navigate the Special Education programs in our public schools. While we are fortunate to have excellent schools in our local districts, there is not always sufficient staff to give a parent the individualized attention he or she deserves. We are here to help you and give you all of the support, information, and advocacy to help you through from design to implementation of your child’s customized special education plan.

Tammy Cyra, Ph.D., M.Ed., LCDC has worked as a Special Education instructor in the Dallas ISD for nearly 20 years, as well as providing consultation services to parents of Special Education students throughout her career.

We offer as much or as little assistance as you require. Parents may wish to attend our 2-hour informative training designed to assist them in working on their own with the school; or parents may want to choose the consultation package that best suits their needs. Informative sessions include:

  • ARD 101: How to read an IEP.
  • Understanding Special Education Law and Rights – FERPA & PL-94-142.
  • Difference between an Accommodation and a Modification.
  • Understanding the eligibility criteria for STAAR ALT 2 and STAAR.